Edgar's Mini Storage, Ltd...
894 Vista del Mar
Ladyville, Belize
Central America


The Management Office is currently located at 894 Vista del Mar, Ladyville. Future plans include an “on-site” office.


“On-Site” Security is provided by “dusk-to-dawn” lighting, a 6’ chainlink barbed wire fence and trained Security dogs. A roving Security force also is in effect.


Airport Parking in Belize

Edgar's Mini Storage offers Long Term Off Airport Parking for Philip Goldson International Airport. 

We can provide inside parking with transportation to and from the airport. 

We can also offer inside long term parking and transportation to and from Belize City to catch the Water Taxis that service the Cayes.


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Storage Building

The storage building consists of an "All Steel" Sentinel Building Systems warehouse which is sub-divided into 32 separate and partitioned areas. Each storage area measures 10 X 20 with a maximum height of 9' 6". This provides in excess of 1800 cu. ft. of storage in each space. Access to each space is provided by an individual steel roll-up Security door that is lockable. The building is designed and tested by the manufacturer to withstand hurricane force winds in excess of 140 m.p.h. and is double bolted to an "All Steel " frame.


The main structure was erected on a steel reinforced concrete foundation. This foundation includes a grid of 27 steel reinforced cement pilings. Each piling was diesel hammer driven to a depth of 20-30 feet. The grid of pilings was then connected by a ring beam and center beam of steel reinforced cement. A 6” rebar reinforced cement slab measuring 40’ X 160’ completed the foundation.


Currently the storage rates are leased monthly dependant upon the length of the Lease.

12 month Leases are available at the rate of $200.00BZ/mo($100.00US).

6 month Leases are $250.00BZ/mo($125.00US). 

3 month Leases (or less) at the rate of $300.00BZ/mo($150.00US).
Outdoor storage rates are dependant upon the size of the vehicle to be stored.